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Employee Testimonials

 Below you will find testimonials from a variety of our employees:


“Apprenticeship was available for me. Jobs are never the same. There's always something different and fun.”

Steve (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 4.5 years)


"Steady work. Good benefits. Safety is always concerned."

Zoltan (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 5 years)


"I love my job."

Employee No. 2 (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 8 years)


"Work is close to my home. Interesting job. Good team."

Vdodymyr (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 7 years)


"Positive environment, employees are always happy and helpful. Clean and organized shop!"

Nick Loewen (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 1 month)


"Worked for F.C.W.W. in the 90's and now I moved from Alberta to work for them again. Fair and honest, hard work, good pay. Above all, you are part of the family here."

Kris W. (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 2.5 years)


"I like this job, I know what to do and it is near my house."

Oleg Cherenkov (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 5.2 years)


"Job Opportunity is available for my skill set. Very familiar with workload and the type of products manufacturing. Can be seen as a valuable asset in growth to the company."

Kelly (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 7.8 years)


"Management at F.C. is honest and fair. The fact that it's a family business, gives me the drive and passion to help make the company great."

Mitch (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 7 years)


"I like my work."

Oleg K. (Working at F.C. Woodworks for 7 years)