Project in Focus

Grace Canadian Reformed Church

Renovating a building from one distinct usage to another is never an easy task, but to take a police and fire hall and transform it to a church is surely one of the most unique changes you'll ever encounter.

This was the case, though, for the Grace Canadian Reformed Church.

The structure had to be conducive to worship which took number of designs to achieve that goal. FC WoodWorks President and Owner Rick was instrumental in the design of many features mostly in particular the zigzag divider wall with angled glass separating the Auditorium and Fellowship hall.

Designed within the wall behind the battens of the Auditorium side is a combination of acoustical cloth with acoustical material called tectum (sound absorbing material). The result was that the Auditorium has good acoustical properties which achieved minimal to no negative bounce back. The pulpit was redesigned keeping some of the elements of the previous one but adjusted to fit the new surroundings with a fresh look.


"F.C. WoodWorks was responsible for all our millwork in the project to convert the old District 4 Police & Fire Station into Grace Canadian Reformed Church. Rick and his team were consummate professionals, providing high levels of craftsmanship and quality throughout the process. They perfectly blended form and function with beautiful designs that perform well, including some unique elements that arose late in the construction process. The results speak for themselves - visitors to our church are consistently impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the work done by F.C. Woodworks. I would not hesitate to recommend them any day of the week.

James Teitsma, Communications Director, Pandora Conversion Committee



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